CAINTÉ jewelry is waterproof? How?
All CAINTÉ jewelry is in the material Stainless Steel, with a 10x stronger ''coating'' process called PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition.

But what is ''Stainless Steel''?
A very durable metal built to not tarnish or fade. We actually mean it .. Google it yourself, it lasts a lifetime. Surgical grade steel. Much more durable than silver, gold or platinum. It will not discolor or turn your skin green.

What is the 10x stronger coating process?
It's called PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition, and it's the most modern coating process available.

We are very serious when it comes to the quality of our jewellery. Saying that our jewelry is water resistant is not for the purpose of better marketing - we actually mean it!

Since the first order with us, almost every product ever sold has remained perfect, golden and shiny. It has been tested under real conditions and hundreds of customers can confirm their experience.

Do you need more evidence?
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